Friday, August 13, 2004

Tricks for CPM / Scorecard implementations

Here I'm starting a Blog with dirty tricks how you can increase the speed of acceptance of Corporate PM or Balanced Scorecard Implementations.
The first amazing one I found here: An oil company runs oil platforms in the North Sea. It had implemented a dashboard that was designed to help users on the platform to monitor their performance. The only problem was that these guys were used to doing things their way and weren't much interested in this newfangled method. So they weren't using the dashboard, which in turn meant that the company wasn't getting the feedback it needed if its Performance Management initiative was to succeed.

How to resolve this problem? A little bit of lateral thinking later and the company opened up a 'book' that allowed users to place bets on their performance. as measured by the dashboard. Take up has been such that not only are the dashboards now being used, and the PM system steaming ahead, but the company is also making money as a quasi-bookmaker! Hahaha...

Who else has a good implementation tip or trick? Make a Comment!


Blogger TLC said...

We established our balanced scorecard, incorporating feedback from our management team. Then we established a management team incentive agreement surrounding the major scorecard elements, with payout determined by individual and collective management team contributions and results. We allocated a certain percent of salary for each individual.

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Performance Management Kit said...

You also want to define what will be measured. What are the success signs? What are potential signs of failure? How will you know when the goal is reached? You might define a strategy where if a goal is difficult to reach, you will pursue more funding in order to properly staff and support that
performance area. If a goal is easy to reach, it may indicate an area of overstaffing where some funding can be better used on a support group struggling to meet performance goals.

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